The outbreak of novel Coronavirus has treated us with lots of experiences, one of those is lockdown which is imposed by several nations, to delay the battle against the virus. Many countries are facing economic as well as humanitarian crisis amongst India is one of them. Lockdown was the strategy adopted by India from 23rd of March to prepare itself to fight against the virus. The sector which is widely affected is the educational sectors. Students who were preparing for several competitive exams like GATE 2021 are stuck amidst lockdown.

But do you remember the time when many of you used to curse the moment why don’t you got enough time to prepare well? So, GATE aspirants take this period as an opportunity to recalibrate your actions, analyzing your weaknesses and working on them.

“You can’t let the time go in vain!”

Keep on reading this blog to know how can you utilize the lockdown phase to give a boom in your GATE preparation.

  • Accept the situation- You can’t run away from the situation. Accept it! It won’t be going to change for long. Be positive, think about the ample of time you are having now to boost the preparation and get into the elite GATE college this near. No negative news last forever!
  • Analyze to exercise- Analyze how you can use the resources available near you, how can they become effective in your studies. The pattern of GATE 2021 will be different with newer add ups you need to keep yourself prepared
  • Plan to execute- Planning is one of the most important tasks you need to do before starting your studies, otherwise you’ll end up procrastinating. Make a strict schedule to achieve your goals.
  • Balance the activities- Lockdown has made many of us busy in many family activities, but don’t forget to do your exam preparation!
  • Upgrade your skills- Learn something which you were thinking to learn since long. This is the right time!

The time shall fade away soon nothing lasts long. Keep yourself prepared to ace the exam with determination and hard work.


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