With this COVID 19 virus plaguing the world, education in the physical setup has taken a drastic hit with classrooms moving online and remote learning becoming the new norm.Distance education can be a boon for individuals to reap the benefits of getting quality education from the best colleges at the comfort of their homes. What gives distance learning an edge over traditional methods of learning is listed below:

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  • Flexibility – Students are provided with extreme flexibility in terms of time commitment. Working professionals looking to upgrade their skill sets can opt for distance learning programs along with their jobs as they can organize the schedules according to their preferred timings.
  • Cost-efficient – Travelling to the college and all types of commute costs attached to the academic experience can easily be avoided once the learning shifts to an online vertical. Additionally, the commute time can be utilized for other activities. Education is often an expensive affair and students from rural sections of the society may not be able to access education via the formal methodology. Remote education programs break these barriers down.
  • Larger student community – Students can be benefitted from the enhanced peer learning that takes place when the student base expands. Distance learning promotes collaborative learning from various parts of the world. It exposes students to varied perspectives on issues which broadens their horizon to a great extent.
  • Contribution to country’s GDP – When the workforce is expanding their skill sets, they’re simultaneously increasing the number of employable candidates in the country which in turn leads to a significant contribution to the country’s GDP.
  • Pursuing interest-based courses – Not all courses are undertaken with the sole purpose of getting a job. Correspondence courses allow students to choose courses which fit their interests. This leads to a surge of multi-talented professionals.

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